Northern Alberta Curling Association


NACA Policy


1.       The following teams competing in Alberta Provincials are eligible to claim the team travel subsidy:

1)               Men, Women, Seniors, Mixed, Juniors, U18 and Masters, unless teams are receiving funding from another curling body.

2)               All four members of the team must be members in good standing and compete in league curling of a NACA affiliated curling club.


2.       To be eligible to submit kilometers as an expense:

1)               The first 75 km from the teams home club will be the teams responsibility.

2)               $.30 per kilometer will be paid for travel to and from the event.

3)               Only 1 vehicle per team will be covered.

4)               Kilometer expense will not be paid if the teams home club is in the same city/town where the provincial event is played.


3.       To be eligible to submit hotel stay as an expense:

1)               Location of the provincial event must be over 75 km from the teams home club.

2)               Team must stay in a Best Western property.  If there is no Best Western then the team may stay at another hotel.

3)               # of rooms booked by the team must be indicated on the expense form.


4.       Meals are the responsibility of the team.


5.       Receipts must be submitted with expenses.


6.       Maximum pay out to a single team is $500/provincial.  The NACA Board reserves the right to reconsider amounts paid to a team, on a individual basis.  This amount will be based on team travel assessment budget surplus at the end of the season.


7.       Requests for reimbursement must be received in the NACA office no later than 1 month after applicable provincial.