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A complete list of Merit Award recipients can be found under History in the "About NACA" link.


Expressions of appreciation and recognition are important in keeping volunteers and others in the organization motivated and enthusiastic.  Recognition has multiple functions beyond simple human courtesy.  To the volunteer recognition signifies that someone notices and cares.  To the rest of the organization recognition creates role models and communicates standards.



Award Categories

Award Nomination Process

Selection Committee

Awards Recognition

2016/17 Awards Recipients




Nominated by either a NACA affiliated curling club or the NACA Board member:


Volunteer Award:

  • For outstanding service to a curling club, NACA or curling in general for three or more years.
  • Demonstrates leadership, initiative and commitment to the sport.
  • Serves as a positive role model for others in the curling community.
  • Assists in the development of the sport and it's best practices.
  • Inspires others to engage in volunteering at the curling club or the sport in general.
  • Continually develops their skills to increase and develop their role within their organization.

Builder's Award:

  • For major contributions to the development of curling at any level.
  • Presented to any staff member, business, sponsor, professional or group who makes a contribution or impact for five or more years through their committee membership, fundraising, administrative and organizational skills, and/or promotion to improve the sport of curling.
  • Builders have commitment, drive and a high level of responsibility to lead to advancement of the sport at either the local level or in the region.

Emerging Leader Award (new):

  • Award presented to new volunteers with no more than three years involvement.
  • Individuals make a positive difference and show leadership through example.
  • Devote an abundance of their time and resources, and consistently demonstrate a passion for the sport of curling.


Nominated by NACA Board members:


Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • One of NACA's most prestigious awards.
  • Individuals and teams that have spent a minimum of ten years dedicated to improving the sport of curling and are viewed as "agents of change".
  • Honours the high level talents of curling athletes, supporters and volunteers whose efforts have significantly impacted the quality of curling in the northern Alberta, provincial and/or national levels.
  • Recipients share their expertise, skill set and knowledge with others through their outstanding active and committed leadership that has resulted in a broad contribution to the curling movement.

Life Membership Award of Distinction (modified):

  • One of NACA's most prestigious awards.
  • To recognize builders or promoters within northern Alberta that have made a significant contribution to curling that goes beyond the local level and is impactful at the national and international stage.
  • Through the development or strengthening of strategy, police, programs, partnerships, networks and/or relationships have increased the value the public place on curling in the sporting stage.
  • Their efforts have resulted in the continuation of quality and improved competition and participation, and promoted a strong belief in the benefits of curling in Alberta.

Coaching Award:

  • Recognizes the outstanding achievement and contribution certified coaches have made to their athletes over several years through continued development of their athletes and producing consistently competitive teams.
  • Make a valued contribution to the advancement and well-being of athletes and the sport of curling.




Nominations must come from or through the nominee's Curling Club or from the Northern Alberta Curling Association.


Nominations must include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Curling Club
    • Member since
  • Achievements
    • at Curling Club
    • at NACA
    • at Provincial level
    • at Canadian level
    • at International level
  • Other Pertinent Information
  • Signature of Club President or Club Representative


Nominations must be forwarded to the NACA office by May 1 of each year.



The Committee will consist of the current NACA Executive.

A vote will occur on all nominations with a 75% majority vote approving the nomination.

A letter will be sent to the Club advising of successful and unsuccessful nominations.



All costs of recognition will be born by the NACA including tickets to the banquet.

The successful nominees will be invited to the Annual Awards Night.

The successful nominees will receive a letter from the NACA President with a copy to their Curling Club.

A framed certificate will be presented at the Annual Awards Night.

A picture and copy of the certificate will be filed in the NACA archives.


2017/18 AWARDS RECIPIENTS [Back to Top]


Karsten Sturmay Wade White Ryan Jacques
Christopher Kennedy Barry Chwedoruk Dustin Mikush
Glenn Venance Dan Holowaychuk Gabriel Dyck
Caleb Boorse George White Michael Henricks
Robb Krepps - Coach   Bernie Panich - Coach
John Mryglod Tori Hartwell  
Joe Mryglod Mackenzie Charbonneau  
Chris Hamula Jennifer Charbonneau - Coach  
Derrick Armstrong    



NACA Life Member Kennedy Duggan
NACA Life Member Brad Gibb
Crestwood - Volunteer Kris Meadows
Leduc - Volunteer Dawn Gavin
Leduc - Emerging Leader Ian Turner
NACA - Volunteer Jeff Henricks
NACA - Coach Bernie Panich
NACA - Coach Amanda St. Laurent
Rimbey - Volunterr Teri Boyce
St. Albert - Coach/Builder   Nicole Bellamy
Wetaskiwin - Volunteer Roby Gerrard


AVONAIR 1 Women, 1 Masters, 2 Mixed, 1 Travelers Women
CRESTWOOD 1 Men, 1 Senior Men, 1 Junior Men, 1 Travelers Men
DAYSLAND 1 Travelers Men
GRANITE 1 Travelers Women
LAC LA BICHE 1 Senior Men
LEDUC 1 Travelers Men
SAVILLE CENTRE  1 Men, 1 Women, 1 Senior Men, 2 Junior Men, 2 Junior Women, 2 U18 Boys, 2 U18 Girls, 1 Mixed
SHERWOOD PARK 1 Senior Women
SPRUCE GROVE 1 Travelers Women
ST. ALBERT 2 Senior Women, 1 Junior Women, 2 Masters