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Current Team Standings

Carter Lautner71
Thomas Scoffin63
Daylan Vavrek54
Kenton Maschmeyer54
Jeremy Harty44
Scott Smith34
Dustin Turcotte25
Aiden Procter07

Draw Schedule

Draw NumberDate/Time
01 - Round RobinThursday Dec.26.13 08:00 PM
02 - Round RobinFriday Dec.27.13 01:00 PM
03 - Round RobinFriday Dec.27.13 06:00 PM
04 - Round RobinSaturday Dec.28.13 10:00 AM
05 - Round RobinSaturday Dec.28.13 03:00 PM
06 - Round RobinSunday Dec.29.13 10:00 AM
07 - Round RobinSunday Dec.29.13 03:00 PM
08 - Tie breaker #1 (if one tie breaker)Sunday Dec.29.13 08:00 PM
09 - Tie breaker #2 (if two tie breakers)Monday Dec.30.13 10:00 AM
10 - Semi-Final Monday Dec.30.13 03:00 PM
11 - Final Monday Dec.30.13 08:00 PM

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